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Race Results

Club Members RacesClub ChampionshipsKnype Pool ResultsKnype 1 mile fun run
2020 races2020 champs 2020 Knype2020 Fun
2019 races2019 champs 2019 Knype2019 Fun
2018 races2018 champs 2018 Knype 2018 Fun
2017 races2017 champs 2017 Knype2017 fun
2016 races2016 champs 2016 Knype
2015 races2015 champs 2015 Knype2015 fun
2014 races2014 champs 2014 Knype2014 fun
2013 races2013 champs 2013 Knype2013 fun
2012 races2012 champs 2012 Knype2012 fun
2011 races- 2011 Knype2011 fun
2010 races- 2010 KnypeNo results
2009 races- 2009 Knype2009 fun
2008 races- Not Run
Course Records

The club championships are based on age graded performance so your result will be compared with other athletes in your age/gender category to give you a percentage figure for your position in your category.

You can see more about age graded performance if you go to runbundle.com

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