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Individual members results 2010

If I've missed any results please email me or pass them along on a club night. Same goes if I've got any down wrongly.

12-Dec Tatton Park Yuletide Yomp 10k ( off-road )

Steve Jones45.35
Julie Harris56.18
Dawn Addison56.21
Cindy Knight58.50
Niamh Reilly58.50
Emily Shufflebottom58.36
Christine Andrew59.07
Nigel Jones59.10

08-Dec : Newcastle Dales Dash

Nigel Hopper50.23

Time 50 mns 23 secs a PB by 4 mins from 2009, though I was laid up last year. The conditions were really tough and slippy, but good fun. Really pleased I got a PB for my final race of they year.

Big Nige H

27-Nov - Cheddleton Pudding Run 10k : photos

Nigel Hopper48.30
Emily Shufflebottom58.08 PB
Louise Tunstall1.02.42

21-Nov - Conwy Half Marathon photos

Steve Jones1.35.27
Kev Shufflebottom1.37.45
Nikki Stanyer1.54.28
Tracy Shufflebottom1.59.34
Niamh Reilly2.04.52
Dawn Addison2.06.51 PB
Cindy Knight2.06.57

25-Oct - Dublin Marathon

Niamh Reilly4.49.15 1st marathon. Splits : 10k 1.06.13, HM 2.18.10

24-Oct - Alderley Edge Bypass - 5 miles

Kevin Shufflebottom34.16
Nige Hopper36.50
Tracy Shufflebottom41.01 PB
Cindy Knight41.39 PB

17 October - Sandbach 10k, photos

Nigel Hopper49.51

09-Oct - Congleton Half marathon. photos

Nigel Hopper1.52.49
Nicola Stanyer1.56.16
Esther Brunsdon2.00.17
Dawn Addison2.11.52 1st HM

01-Oct Coniston Trail race 15k

Nigel Hopper1.24.51

26-Sep Macclesfield half marathon

Nicola Stanyer1.52.49

19 September - Great North Run, Gateshead-South Shields

Steve Jones1.38.3223.1846.351.09.25
Kerry Knight1.51.04 PB25.1551.121.17.15
Julie Harris2.03.1826.3855.491.25.31
Tracy Shufflebottom2.03.3228.1657.591.27.34
Niamh Reilly2.06.3429.3659.411.29.39
Lucinda Knight2.16.2128.1659.411.29.39
John Roach*2.39.2034.

12-Sep - Gawsworth 10k

Nigel Hopper48.57 PB

12 August, Rudyard Lake - finale of summer series

Nigel Hopper37.43photo

Very wet heavy conditions I took part in my last summer series for 2010. Still feeling a little bit tired from Sunday's race [meerbrook 15k - see below ed.], I put in a good performance to beat last year's time completing in 37.43. A good tough race, I was wet and muddy.

Big Nige H

8th August Meerbrook 15k

Nigel Hopper1.21
Niamh Reilly1.30.23
Cindy Knight1.34.00

5 August, Cheddleton (Leek Rugby Club) summer series

Nigel Hopper37.29
Sarah Lamburn48.25

29 July, Parkhall - SMAC Summer Series

Sarah Lamburn41.54

22 July, Biddulph Grange - SMAC Summer Series

Nigel Hopper36.27
Sarah Lamburn48.37

Summer Series on home ground - Biddulph Grange. Really surprised and a little disappointed that non of my comrades ran this race in our home town (what's the crack?). It was noted and commented upon by a number of rival clubs.

After my disappointment at the Cheadle and Buxton races I was determined to try and break my PB for this race from 2008. I am glad to report that after putting in a strong performance I broke my time by 1 minute - 36.21. As you remember it is a tough course and with the wrong weather can be even more demanding. But it was a lovely evening for this race.

Big Nige H

Keep up the good efforts Nige -

18 July, Trentham 10

Nicola Stanyer1.25.06

17 July, Buxton Carnival 5

Nigel Hopper39.03

Saturday - this is another race I have not done for 10 years. Great day conditions and weather were good, brilliant atmosphere coming through Buxton town and a very enjoyable run. Time 39.03, my best time was 37.30 but that was in 1999 so I reckon it must be my age!!!

Big Nige H

11 July, Wyre Forest half marathon (trail race)

Nigel Jones2.02.14

10 July, Cheadle '4'

Nigel Hopper29.09

Sunday morning. I last ran this race in 2000 at a time of 29.09 weighing 2 stone more than I do now. 10 years later, lighter but not faster, time on Sunday was 30.25. No support team for photo's but comments at my disappointment with time were ....."you are 10 years older and over 40 now"! - charming.

Big Nige

8 July, Summer Series - Shutlinsloe

Nigel Hopper34.14

Thursday evening was hot and muggy, this route is shaded and near to water so the bugs were out in force. Time 34.40, which is 1 minute faster than last year.

Big Nige

6 July, Berryhill 10k - report & photo

Nigel Hopper47.36

1 July, Staffs Moorlands Summer Series - Wetton

Nigel Hopper45.03

Just a quick update. This was a new race last year and was very hard, a lot of people complained about the terrain although last Thursday plenty of people were up for the challenge a 2nd time, however the organisers had changed the route slightly due to health and safety police being about!!!

I had a good run though disappointed as I couldn't get a PB due to the course change. Time was45.03.

Big Nige H

27 June, Stone St Michaels 10k

Emily Shufflebottom 1.07.17 (1st competitive run)photo

25 June, The Roaches Staffs Moorlands Summer Series photo

Nigel Hopper52.42

17 June, - Buxton Hilly

Nigel Hopper36.41 PB (by 1.20)

10 June, Oakamoor - SMAC summer series

Nigel Hopper39.49

5 June, Wincle Trout Run

John Roach79.15

30 May, Stoke 2010k*

Nicky Stanyer43.19
George Smith49.33

* Course shortened to 5.37 miles.

30 May, Staveley 17k Trail Race - report

Nigel Jones1.54.46
Christine Andrew2.06.48

23 May, Edinburgh Marathon - report

Esther Brunsdon 4.17.23 Splits: 10k 57.53, half m 2.02.56, 30k 2.58.24: 1st Marathon

16 May, Chester Half Marathon

Kev Shufflebottom1.34.24
Colin Molloy1.51.59
Nicky Stanyer1.53.42
Tracy Shufflebottom1.56.54
Christine Andrew2.01.18

16 May, Manchester 10k

Niamh Reilly52.23 PB
Dawn Addison54.53 PB
Julie Harris54.56 PB
Louise Tunstall1.00.49

9 May, Muller 10k, Market Drayton, photos

Kev Shufflebottom42.02
Steve Jones42.28 PB
Lucinda Knight55.00
Niamh Reilly55.00 1st 10k
Sara Cookson59.54
John Roach1.11.46 PB

24 April, Hawkshead 15k trail race, fullresults, report & photo

Steve Jones1.31.28
Kevin Shufflebottom1.35.20
Nigel Hopper1.45.38
Calum Kidd1.48.16
Nigel Jones1.49.14
Colin Molloy1.58.00
Christine Andrew2.01.59
Niamh Reilly2.01.59
Dawn Addison2.03.37
Tracy Shufflebottom2.06.59
Cindy Knight2.07.06

4 April, Air Products 10k

Nigel Hopper45.39

2 April, Salford 10k

Pat Bolton1.09.28

28 March Wilmslow half marathon.

chip time10 mile split
Steve Jones1.32.54 PB1.10.56
Kevin Shufflebottom1.
Esther Brunsdon1.
Niamh Reilly2.
Cindy Knight2.
Pat Bolton2.36.51, 3rd F65+1.55.15

21 March Stafford half marathon.

Robbie Brown1.38.44

14 March, Burnley 10k

Pat Bolton1.11.48

14 March, Adidas Silverstone half marathon

Robbie Brown 1.37.09 PB: splits 5k - 21.21, 10k - 41.26, 15k-1.07.08, 20k-1.30.16

14-Mar Stafford 20: photos

Esther Brunsdon03:08:40
Kevin Shufflebottom03:08:40

07-Mar Cloud 9.

Rob Brown1.14.27 PB 8 mins improvement on 2009
Kev Shuff1.16.09 PB
Nigel Hopper1.17.38 PB
Calum Kidd1.23.19 PB - 1st race for BRC

28 February, Apedale 8k Orienteering Run photos

Steve Jones1.05.12 (inc 4 min penalty !). Race winner
Sara Cookson/ Cindy Knight

21 February, Knype Pool Charity Race, report

Kevin Shufflebottom39.03 PB
Nigel Hopper39.20 PB
Jan Bettany46.00 PB

7 February, Nick Beer 10k Llandudno

Pat Bolton1.09.52

7 February, Alsager 5.

Steve Jones33.38 PB
Kev Shufflebottom34.59*
Nigel Hopper35.31 PB
Esther Brunsdon39.52 PB

* Kev had to pause during the race to assist a runner who was having some kind of heart problem!!!

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