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Individual members results 2019

If I've missed any results please email me or pass them along on a club night. Same goes if I've got any down wrongly.

15 August, Dave Clarke 5k.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Darren Mottram00:19:57
Laurence Edwards00:23:13
David Bailey00:23:26
Jamie Adams00:23:55
Jon Horne00:24:58
Sandra Edwards00:25:59
Karen Mackintosh00:27:27
Alison Husbands00:29:03
Gill Horne00:29:24
Elizabeth Sherratt00:30:23
Ian Fothergill00:32:25
Catherine Worth00:36:18

7 August, Quarry Bank Trail Race.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Steve Evans00:36:36
Katie Trace00:37:35
David Bailey00:38:18
Paul Cornwell00:40:37
Emma King00:44:43
Gill Horne00:49:33
Joanne Bailey00:49:34
Elizabeth Sherratt00:50:27

4 August, Trentham 10k.

Chip Time
Darren Mottram00:42:07
Elizabeth Sherratt01:04:06

3 August, Peak Skyline 50k.

Simon Hodgkiss07:24:06

20 July, Conti Thunder Run 24 Hours.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Little Biddulph - Team of 524:00:00 (23 Laps of ~10km off-road course - 20th place from 88 finishing teams)
Biddulph RC - Team of 824:00:00 (22 Laps of ~10km off-road course - 66th place from 184 finishing teams)
Elizabeth Sherratt01:09:14 (Ran the 10k race before the 24 hr event)

18 July, SMAC Summer Series Rudyard 5.
Results Pictures

Simon Hodgkiss00:32:18
Helen Burndred00:37:37
Jeremy Brookes00:39:15
Karen Murphy00:42:49

14 July, Cheadle 4.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Simon Hodgkiss00:26:39
Martin Gibson00:26:47
Peter Sherratt00:28:19
Rowena Jukes00:30:20
Jamie Adams00:31:39
Katie Brookes00:33:52
Laurence Edwards00:34:01
Sandra Edwards00:34:57
Elizabeth Sherratt00:38:43
Ian Fothergill00:39:15
Catherine Worth00:44:41

11 July, SMAC Summer Series Biddulph 4.
Results Pictures

Kevin Shufflebottom00:35:37
Jon Horne00:36:08
Helen Burndred00:37:29
Jeremy Brookes00:37:42
Helen England00:37:55
Graham Fisher00:39:04
Karen Mackintosh00:42:02
Tracy Shufflebottom00:42:08
Claire Shufflebotham00:42:45
Elizabeth Sherratt00:46:22

7 July, Langley Fete Fell Run.

Jeremy Brookes00:35:38

7 July, Run the Alderley Edge bypass 10K.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Darren Mottram00:39:49
Katie Trace00:45:01
Rowena Jukes00:47:25
Helen England00:49:54
Jamie Adams00:52:16
Rachel Platt00:58:19
Jeff Roberts01:02:02
Ian Fothergill01:04:56
Karen Wynn01:05:02
Joanne Plant01:07:35

7 July, Northwich Festival of Running 10K.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Jon Horne00:50:49
Graham Fisher00:54:26
Karen Mackintosh00:57:31

5 July, SMAC Summer Series Oakamoor 4.6
Results Pictures

Penny Graham00:41:25
Katie Trace00:41:26
Jon Horne00:41:27
Jeremy Brookes00:42:08
Katie Brookes00:44:40

27 June, SMAC Summer Series Shutlingsloe 3.6
Results Pictures

Katie Trace00:36:57
Jon Horne00:38:07
Jeremy Brookes00:39:35

22 June, Meerbrook 15k.

Chip Time
Peter Sherratt01:16:28
Ian Fothergill01:51:46

20 June, SMAC Summer Series Ilam 5.7

Katie Trace00:48:17
Jon Horne00:49:59
Penny Graham00:50:14
Jeremy Brookes00:52:40
James Trace01:00:29

16 June, Stone St Michaels 10k.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Martin Gibson00:43:10
Peter Sherratt00:43:41
Jamie Adams00:49:44
Ian Fothergill00:59:28

13 June, SMAC Summer Series Roaches 5.8

Penny Graham00:53:10
Katie Trace00:53:11
Jon Horne00:53:12

9 June, Potters Arf Marathon.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Simon Hodgkiss01:34:38 (PB)
Darren Mottram01:43:02
Peter Sherratt01:43:39
Robert Minton01:46:00
Helen Booth01:53:54
Rebecca Stringer01:53:54
Helen Burndred01:57:04
Andrew Hollies01:57:41
Helen England01:57:47
Ruth Murphy02:11:20
Karen Murphy02:11:20
Claire Shufflebotham02:11:21
Joanne Bailey02:11:23
Jon Horne02:11:24
Stephanie Ward02:13:31
Sarah Matthews02:14:03
Rachel Platt02:14:51
Alison Husbands02:15:18
Emma Dale02:15:50
Elizabeth Sherratt02:19:54
Jeff Roberts02:29:06

6 June, SMAC Summer Series Buxton 4.8.

Jeremy Brookes00:45:24

2 June, Lakeland Trail Series: Coniston Marathon.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Katie Trace04:43:02

2 June, Lakeland Trail Series: Coniston Half.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Penny Graham02:06:46
Jon Horne02:15:31
Gill Horne02:45:49

2 June, Lakeland Trail Series: Coniston 10k.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
James Trace01:32:30

30 May, SMAC Summer Series Tittesworth 4.6.

Jeremy Brookes00:41:10
Katie Brookes00:41:51

26 May, Rock 'n' Roll Liverpool Marathon.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Simon Hodgkiss03:43:14

19 May, Great Manchester Run Half Marathon.

Chip Time
Joanne Plant02:24:59 (1st Half Marathon)

19 May, Keswick Mountain Festival 25k.
Results Pictures

Simon Hodgkiss02:46:08

18 May, Transylvania 100 30k.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Peter Sherratt07:39:38
Robert Minton07:39:38

18 May, Transylvania 100 50k.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Paul Cornwell11:14:05

12 May, Market Drayton 10k.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Peter Sherratt00:44:27
Rebecca Stringer00:48:41 (PB)
Elizabeth Sherratt00:59:25
Ian Fothergill01:00:15
Catherine Worth01:10:49
Luisa Telford01:18:01

9 May, Mow Cop Killer Mile.
Results Pictures

Martin Gibson00:09:57
Simon Hodgkiss00:10:10
Peter Sherratt00:10:17
Graham Fisher00:12:33

5 May, Uttoxeter Half Marathon.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Ian Fothergill02:20:37
Jamie Adams02:20:42

1 May, Rainow 5 Fell Race.
Results Pictures

Katie Trace00:46:08
Jeremy Brookes00:52:00

28 April, London Marathon.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Rowena Jukes03:53:18 (1st Marathon)
Andrew Eptlett04:15:24 (PB)
Katie Brookes04:27:29 (1st Marathon)

21 April, Air products 10k.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Ian Fothergill01:01:44

19 April, M2L Ultra Marathon.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Simon Hodgkiss09:57:35
Peter Sherratt10:25:32

14 April, Newcastle 10k.
Results Pictures

Stephanie Ward00:54:31
Ruth Murphy00:54:53
Emma Dale00:56:25
Rachel Platt00:56:25
Ian Fothergill01:00:52
Karen Wynn01:01:49

8 April, Manchester Marathon.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Robery Minton03:31:13
Peter Sherratt03:37:46 (PB)
Rebecca Stringer04:07:42 (PB)
Ian Fothergill05:47:36

24 March, Wilmslow Half Marathon.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Robert Minton01:31:48
Peter Sherratt01:33:33 (PB)
Graham Fisher01:52:22

23 March, Cheshire 10k (Mar).
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Elizabeth Sherratt00:58:48 (PB)

17 March, Stafford Half.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Martin Gibson01:41:07 (PB)
Katie Trace01:44:42
Rebecca Stringer01:52:49
Jamie Adams01:55:43
Ian Fothergill02:16:12 (PB)
James Trace02:28:31

10 March, New Balance Knighton 20.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Robert Minton02:34:39
Peter Sherratt02:41:56
Rowena Jukes02:57:29
Katie Brookes03:26:17
Ian Fothergill03:58:03

3 March, Cloud 9.
Results Pictures

Peter Sherratt01:15:43
Mark Baron01:17:41
David Bailey01:25:08
Joanne Bailey01:41:46

3 March, Cheadle Spring 5.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Emma King00:41:33 (PB)
Sandra Edwards00:41:36
Ian Fothergill00:48:35

24 February, Knype Pool 5 Multi-Terrain.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Paul Cornwell00:39:39 (PB)
Calum Kidd00:40:56 (PB)
Chris Lane00:41:23
Laurence Edwards00:42:30
Sandra Edwards00:46:36 (PB)
Gary McQueen00:47:38 (PB)
Jamie Adams00:48:07
Kevin Stone01:00:31
Suzie Kidd01:00:34 (PB)
John Lovatt01:00:36
Catherine Worth01:01:31

23 February, Northumberland Coastal Trail Marathon.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Penny Graham04:31:55
Katie Trace04:41:34

23 February, Northumberland Coastal Trail Half.
Results Pictures

Chip Time
Jon Horne02:09:30
Kate Heathcock02:09:31
Karen Murphy02:14:21
Karen Mackintosh02:16:35
James Trace02:25:41
Gill Horne02:33:49

3 February, Alsager 5 mile.

Chip Time
Darren Mottram00:31:32 (PB)
Rob Minton00:32:56 (PB)
Simon Hodgkiss00:33:29 (PB)
Carol Bird00:33:48 (PB)
Peter Sherratt00:34:00 (PB)
Steve Jones00:35:09
Dave Bailey00:36:12 (PB)
Jon Horne00:37:45
Laurence Edwards00:38:00
Helen Jones00:38:06 (PB)
Rowena Jukes00:38:39 (PB)
Graham Fisher00:39:45
Rebecca Stringer00:40:16 (PB)
Sandra Edwards00:40:32
Andrew Hollies00:40:36
Katie Brookes00:41:48 (PB)
Karen Murphy00:41:52
Karen Mackintosh00:42:10
Emma King00:42:24 (PB)
Vicky Riley00:42:33
Jamie Adams00:42:58 (PB)
Joanne Bailey00:44:16 (PB)
Rachel Platt00:44:55 (PB)
Ruth Murphy00:44:55
Claire Shufflebotham00:45:29
Gill Horne00:46:24
Kevin Stone00:46:46 (PB)
Liz Sherratt00:47:31 (PB)
Ian Fothergill00:49:06
Joanne Plant00:52:23 (PB)
Karen Wynn00:52:37
Nicola Walton00:55:34 (PB)
Laura Clowes00:59:35 (PB)

27 January, Run Heaton Half Marathon.

Chip Time
Helen England01:57:47

20 January, Four Villages Half Marathon.

Chip Time
Carol Bird 01:32:44
Peter Sherratt 01:34:04 (PB)
Robert Minton 01:34:27
Rachel Hollins 01:37:48
Rebecca Stringer 01:50:51
Graham Fisher 01:54:34
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