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with thanks to Bryan Dale without whom many of these photos would not exist.......

2019: Dave Clarke 5, Styal, Thunder Run, Cheadle 4, Bypass 10k, Northwich 10k, SMAC Summer Series, Stone 10k, Potters Arf, Coniston, Liverpool R&R, Transylvania, Market Drayton 10k, Killer Mile, Uttoxeter Half, Rainow 5 Fell race, London Marathon, Race the Train, Air Products 10k, Manchester to Liverpool Ultra, Newcastle 10k, Manchester Marathon, Wilmslow half, Cheshire 10k, Stafford half, Knighton 20, Cloud 9 & Cheadle 5, Knype Pool 5, Northumberland Coast
2016: Presentation Evening, London Marathon, Potters Arf, Conti Thunder Run
2015: Potters Arf, N2R (June), Pots Marathon, Keswick Derwent water 15k, Gritstone Grind, Stoke 10k, Cheddleton 10k, Christmas Cracker
2015: Alsager 5m, Knype Pool Races, Cheadle Spring 5m, Market Drayton 10k
2015 : Presentation evening & Yuletide Party
2014: Keswick 15k Trail Race, St Thomas 7, Congleton Qtr and Half Marathons.
2014: Wilmslow Half, London Marathon, Wizard 5m, Dave Clarke 5k.
2014: Alsager 5. Knype_pool 5 miler
2014: Yuletide party & presentations for 2013 season - Biddulph Arms
2013: Pots 'Arf , Dave Clarke 5k 2013, St Thomas 7, Stoke 10k, Congleton Qtr/Half, Conwy Half, Mow-Cop ~ Bosley Cloud Run
2013: Alsager 5, Knype Pool 5miler, Stafford 20, Newcastle 10k, Worcester Marathon
2012: New to Running ( course 2 of 2012) : 5k celebration run - Knype Pool,
2012: Wizard 5 miler, Meerbrook 15k, Dave Clarke 5k, Derwent Water 15k, Great North Run, Congleton Half, Langley 7, Conwy Half
2012: New to Running: 5k celebration run
2012: Newcastle 7, Market Drayton 10k, Wincle Trout Run, Potters Arf, Llandudno 10 miler
2012: Alsager 5, Knype Pool 5 miler, Stafford 20m, Stafford Half, Wilmslow Half
2012: Yuletide Party - 14th January, Biddulph Town Hall
2011: Gawsworth 10k, Conwy Half, Tatton Yule-Yomp. Mow-Cop ~ Bosley Cloud
2011: Biddulph Grange Summer Series, Stone St Michaels 10k, Staveley 17k, Llandudno 10m, Wincle Trout Run, Dave Clarke 5k
2011: London Marathon, Mow Cop Killer Mile, Mkt Drayton 10k
2011: Alsager 5, Knype Pool 5, Wilmslow Half ,Newcastle 7
2010: Muller 10k, Sevenoaks 7, Congleton Half, Skipton weekend, SMAC summer series, Congleton half, Sandbach 10k, Pudding Run
2010: Knype Pool 5, Apedale Orienteering, Alan receives award, Cloud 9, Stafford 20, Hawkshead Lakeland 15km Trail Race
2009: Congleton Half, Cheddleton Pudding Run, Christmas Cracker
2007: Christmas Cracker ; 2008: Gawsworth, Sandon Hall, Mow-Cop ~ Bosley cloud ; 2009: Wilmslow, London Marathon, Muller 10k, Potters Arf, Gawsworth
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