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Individual members results 2016

If I've missed any results please email me or pass them along on a club night. Same goes if I've got any down wrongly.

11 December, Christmas Cracker 2016.

Robert Minton1.08.20
Chris Deakin1.12.06
Rachel Hollins1.30.43
Andrew Hollies1.30.44
Dawn Addison-Moss1.30.44
Jon Horne1.30.45
Karen Murphy1.33.13
Karen Mackintosh1.33.14
Graham Fisher1.33.14

4 December, Newcastle Dales Dash.

Karen Mackintosh57.33

4 December, Wilmslow 10k.

Chip Time
Simon Hodgkiss45.26
Graham Fisher52.28
Kevin Stone56.18
Ian Fothergill1.00.48 PB

27 November, Cheddleton 10k Pudding Race.

Chip Time
Rachel Hollins45.46
Gill Horne59.03

20 November, Conwy Half Marathon.

Chip Time
David Maydew1.33.32
Sean Greeves1.35.18
Robert Minton1.35.31
Chris Deakin1.36.24
Rachel Hollins1.38.42
Jon Horne1.50.54 PB
Dave Parkinson1.55.53
Dawn Addison-Moss1.56.35
Graham Fisher2.03.27
Heidi Stanway2.05.24 - 1st Half Marathon
Katie Brookes2.11.23
Rowena Jukes2.11.23
Alison Husbands2.13.30
Shaun Giltrap2.41.04

20 November, Tatton Half Marathon.

Chip Time
Ian Fothergill2.19.13 PB

12 November, Cheshire 10km .

Chip Time
Gill Horne54.51 - PB

6 November, Dovedale Dash.

Chris Deakin41.5
Graham Fisher48.48
Karen Mackintosh48.49
Luisa Telford1.25.30

5 November, Lakeland Trails - Helvellyn Trail Challenge 15km.

Chip Time
Rachel Hollins1.19.49
Robert Minton1.19.49
Jon Horne1.28.05

5 November, Lakeland Trails - Helvellyn Trail Run10km .

Chip Time
Gill Horne1.02.57

16 October, Birmingham Half Marathon.

Chip Time
Robert Minton1.47.42
Rachel Hollins1.47.43
Cora Jackson2.06.34
Sean Greeves2.06.38

16 October, Werrington 10k.

Jon Horne47.18
Nicola Simcock50.14
Gill Horne58.04
Ian Fothergill1.03.29

2 October, Chester Marathon.

Chip Time
David Maydew3.25.49

2 October, Congleton Half Marathon.

Chip Time
Carol Bird1.35.16 - 1st F50
Steven Booth1.39.14
Mark Chadwick1.44.12
Katie Bratby1.51.27 - 1st Half Marathon
Andrew Hollies1.51.53
Karen Murphy1.51.53
Chris Deakin1.55.45
Dave Parkinson1.55.52 - 1st Half Marathon
Ian Fothergill2.20.00 - PB

25 September, Macclesfield Half Marathon.

Chip Time
Karen Mackintosh2.00.37 - 3rd in Cat

25 September, Macclesfield 5k.

Chip Time
Ian Fothergill28.50 - PB

11 September, Great North Run 2016.

Chip Time
Penny Graham1.53.28

11 September, Gawsworth 10k.

Steven Booth44.23
Anna Clack46.27
Ian Fothergill1.06.59

4 September, Gritstone Grind. Kidsgrove to Disley. 35 miles(!) (95% off-road) 6000ft+ of ascent & descent.

Robert Minton7.13.15
Kevin Shufflebottom7.15.43 - 2nd M50!
Andrew Hollies7.50.40
Chris Deakin8.37.19
Karen Mackintosh8.42.47
Karen Murphy8.42.51

3 September, Lakeland Trail Series: Keswick 15k Derwent Water Challenge.

chip time
Dawn Addison-Moss1.46.17
Tracy Shufflebottom2.00.11

3 September, Lakeland Trail Series: Keswick 10k Derwent Water Trail Race.

chip time
Gill Horne1.08.46

18 August, Dave Clarke 5k.

Robert Minton19.44
David Maydew19.54
Sean Greeves20.07
Carol Bird21.32
Jon Horne22.27
Dawn Addison-Moss24.03
Graham Fisher24.18
Nicola Simcock24.47
Gill Horne26.56

7 August, Leek Half Marathon.

Graham Fisher2.11.44

4 August, SMAC Summer Series : Leek

Carol Bird41.41 - 1st L50
Penny Graham46.23

30 July, Meerbrook 15k.

Anna Bracegirdle1.24.35
Dawn Addison-Moss1.26.05 - Course PB & 3rd F50!
Graham Fisher1.30.36

23 July, Conti Thunder Run 24 Hour.

Karen Mackintosh13 Laps of ~10km off-road course
SOLO RUNNER8th place from 33 finishers
Biddulph Running Club28 Laps of ~10km off-road course - PB
Mixed team of 826th place from 239 finishing teams

17 July, Trentham 10k.

Nicola Simcock53.34

17 July, Arley Hall Half Marathon.

chip time
Rob Minton1.32.32

7 July, SMAC Summer Series : Biddulph

Carol Bird34.09 - 1st L50
Penny Graham37.14

10 July, Cheadle 4.

Carol Bird29.00 - 1st L50
Penny Graham31.36

7 July, SMAC Summer Series : Ipstones

Carol Bird48.07 - 1st L50
Penny Graham53.16

3 July, Potteries Marathon Relay. Relay results here

chip time
BRC Mens Relay 3.10.27 - 3rd overall
(Tom Breakwell, David Maydew, Rob Minton & Jon Horne)
BadAss Biddulph Babes3.35.25
(Karen Capper, Nicola Shaw, Laura Venables & Dawn Addison-Moss)
Biddulph Running Rum Runners4.13.48
(Gill Horne, Sarah Breakwell, Rachel Hollins & Lu Telford)

3 July, Alderley ByPass 5 Mile.

Carol Bird34.56 - 2nd L50
Alison Husbands42.52
Julie Watson45.03
Claire Quinn47.35
Ian Fothergill53.16

2 July, Ultimate Trails 55k.

Mark Baron9.30.48
Karen Mackintosh9.30.48

30 June, SMAC Summer Series : Rudyard

Carol Bird36.31 - 1st L50
Penny Graham39.42

28 June, SC Harriers 5k series RACE 1. Queens Park Crewe.

Jon Horne22.20
Gill Horne26.53

23 June, SMAC Summer Series : Roaches

Carol Bird50.48 - 1st L50
Penny Graham56.49

19 June, Northwich Festival of Running - 10km.

chip time
Carol Bird45.51 - 2nd Lady
Jon Horne48.54 - 3rd in Category
Karen Mackintosh54.24 - 3rd in Category

19 June, Northwich Festival of Running - 5km.

chip time
Gill Horne28.11

9 June, SMAC Summer Series : Buxton

Carol Bird39.43 - 1st L50
Penny Graham43.16

12 June, Potters 'Arf Marathon.

David Maydew1.34.36
Tom Breakwell1.45.46
Frank Manning1.47.49
Jon Horne1.58.01
Karen Murphy1.58.27
Nicola Simcock2.02.34
Chris Deakin2.06.29
Graham Fisher2.12.42
Steve Ratcliffe2.13.28
Katie Brookes2.14.34
Shaun Giltrap2.26.01
Ian Fothergill2.42.06 1st Half Marathon

12 June, Passing Clouds 2016.

Rachel Hollins1.42.14
Rob Minton1.42.14
Karen Mackintosh2.02.59

9 June, SMAC Summer Series : Shuttlinsloe

Carol Bird35.55 - 1st L50

5 June, Coniston Marathon Race.

Rachel Hollins4.34.41

5 June, Coniston Half Marathon Challenge.

Rob Minton1.40.51 2nd in race
Kev Shufflebottom1.54.08 1st M50
Tracy Shufflebottom2.29.29

5 June, Coniston Half Marathon Race.

Steve Jones1.55.27

5 June, Coniston Mini Marathon 10k.

Cindy Knight1.37.13

26 May, SMAC Summer Series : Tittesworth

Carol Bird34.36 - 1st L50

22 May, Rock 'n' Roll Liverpool Half Marathon.

Graham Fisher2.03.31

22 May, Keswick Mountain Festival 10k.

Steve Jones55.21
Cindy Knight1.22.19

18 May, Silverdale Dash (off -road) 5 miler.

Anna Clack39.41
Penny Graham41.54

15 May, Chester Half Marathon.

Carol Bird1.33.11 PB & 1st L50

8 May, Market Drayton 10k.

chip time
Robert Minton41:51 PB
Rachel Hollins42:55 PB
Carol Bird44:03 1st L50
Kev Shufflebottom44:15
Karen Murphy52.04
Dawn Addison-Moss53.09
Steve Ratcliffe56.27
Emma Ford58:18
Tracy Shufflebottom58:23

30 April, Cake Race 2016.

Graham Fisher2.02.59

24 April, London Marathon.

chip time
Carol Bird3.18.54
Robert Minton3.24.41
Sophia Bird3.26.12

3 April, Wilmslow Half Marathon.

chip time
Robert Minton1.32.00 PB
David Maydew1.32.52 PB
Sophia Bird1.33.14
Carol Bird1.33.30 PB & 2nd L50!!
Rachel Hollins1.35.45 PB
Mark Chadwick1.52.33 1st Half Marathon
Karen Murphy1.54.52
Karen Mackintosh1.58.42
Graham Fisher2.07.19
Steve Ratcliffe2.09.07
Pat Bolton3.05.08

27 March, Air Products 10k.

chip time
David Maydew42.22 PB
Carol Bird43.01 1st L50!
Kev Shufflebottom44.21
Nicola Shaw52.52
Karen Mackintosh53.22
Jeff Roberts57.25
Jennifer Prince57.42

20 March, Stafford Half Marathon.

chip time
Karen Capper1.51.49 PB
Dawn Addison-Moss1.56.32

13 March, New Balance Knighton 20.

Robert Minton2.39.35
Anna Bracegirdle2.43.49

13 March, Ironbridge Half Marathon.

chip time
Kev Shufflebottom1.42.27
Tracy Shufflebottom2.03.54

6 March, The Cloud 9 Hill Race.

Mark Baron1.14.10
Rachel Hollins1.27.15

6 March, Cheadle 'Spring 5'.

Emma Ford43.05

28th February, Knype Pool 5 Multi-Terrain:

Laura Venables36.14 - 2nd Lady!
Robert Minton37.56
Sophia Bird39.04
Carol Bird39.20 - 1st L50!
Calum Kidd43.09
Jon Horne43.11
Chris Lane44.18
Kerry Knight45.26
Nicola Shaw46.42
Shaun Giltrap47.42
Mark Sullivan48.02
Graham Fisher48.06
Katie Brookes49.30
Emma Ford50.04
Claire Quinn50.55
Kevin Stone51.37
Jeff Roberts53.21
John Lovatt59.05

7th February, Alsager 5mile:

chip time
Laura Venables32.53 PB
Steve Jones33.32
Rob Minton33.40 PB
David Maydew34.36 PB
Rachel Hollins34.57 PB
Kev Shufflebottom35.07
Anna Bracegirdle36.02
Chris Deakin37.22
Andrew Hollies37.24 PB
Penny Graham38.17
Jon Horne38.42
Rowena Jukes40.29
Kerry Knight40.49
Karen Murphy40.56
Karen Mackintosh42.51
Shaun Giltrap43.49
Katie Brookes44.05
Alison Husbands44.20
Graham Fisher45.23 1st 5mile race
Jennifer Prince47.41
Jeff Roberts48.05
Karen Line51.53

7th February, Llandudno Nick Beer 10k:

Pat Bolton01.18.31
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