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Individual members results 2011

If I've missed any results please email me or pass them along on a club night. Same goes if I've got any down wrongly.

11 December, Tatton Yule Yomp (10k): these are chip times unless otherwise stated.

Steve Jones44.23
Kev Shuff46.02
Sean Greeves50.53
Pip Wise52.11
Rachel Hollins52.16
Toni McDonagh53.59
Dawn Addison55.02
Amy Greeves55.29
Nigel Jones55.56
Andrea Varney55.52
Julie Harris57.02
Christine Andrew57.10
Tracy Shuff58.44
Katie Biddulph1.07.48 PB
Anita Bentley1.14.21

BRC Elf Service, some Randy - sorry Rowdy - Reindeers and Team Muttley. Tatton Yule Yomp 2011. Photo: Dawn's Dad

4 December, Newcastle Dales Dash 10k

Rachel Hollins51.39

20 November, Conwy Half Marathon - photos

Steve Jones01:35:58
Kev Shuff01:38.3
Sean Greeves01:42:27 first half marathon!
Rach Hollins01:51:45 first half marathon!
Christine Andrew01:59:25 PB
Sara Cookson02:02:23
Niamh Riley02:04.20
Amy Greeves02:06:42 first half marathon!
Gerald Sumpter02:06:43 first half marathon!
Cindy Knight02:10:18
Tracy Shuff02:14:46
Em Shuff02:14:48 first half marathon and 4th in category!
Matt Telford02:25:18
Pat Bolton2:37:53 2nd in category!
Lu Telford3:07:50 first half marathon!

6 November: New York Marathon : Race Report & photos

Paula McGuinness4.05.34
Dawn Addison4.29.28. 1st marathon.

22 October,Beachy Head Marathon:

Matt Telford 5:45:04 1st marathon.

16 October, Cardiff Half marathon "in perfect weather conditions" ~ Pat

Pat Bolton2.32.59

16 October, Sandbach 10k ( multi-terrain) :

Steve Jones42.32
Andrea Varney 51.14 1st 10k
Gerald Sumpter53.27 PB
Sue Biddulph 54.16
George W. Smith55.18
Amy Greeves55.24
Cindy Knight56.53
Emily Shufflebottom57.34 PB
Julie Watson1.01.49 1st 10k
Bev Titley 1.01.51 PB
Hugh Lewis Morgan1.03.35 1st 10k
Anita Bentley1.08.39 1st 10k
Alison Husbands1.14.36 1st 10k

9 October, Congleton Half Marathon race report

Sara Cookson2.05.37

25 September, Chelmorton Fell Race

Big Nige Hopper 51.11

18 September Great North Run, Gateshead -South Shields report

Sandra Hatfield2.47.??

18 September, St Thomas 7 ( Tean, Staffs):

Big Nige Hopper1.00.30
Gerald Sumpter 1.04.32

11 September, Bristol Half Marathon

Niamh Reilly 2.26.31
Pat Bolton2.43.35

10-Sep Ipstones 5m

Big Nige Hopper43.08

11 September, Gawsworth 10k. photos & report!

Kev Shufflebottom44.16
Rachel Hollins50.59 PB
Julie Harris57.16
Gerald Sumpter59.20 1st 10k
Bev Titley 1.03.45 1st 10k
Katie Biddulph 1.08.59 1st 10k

25 August, Dave Clarke 5k, Trentham - race report & photos

Steve Jones20.39 PB
Rachel Hollins24.31 PB
Dawn Addison25.59 PB
Matt Telford27.07 PB
Julie Watson31.16 1st race
Hugh Morgan34.32 1st race
Louisa Telford37.36 PB
Janet Hooson41.12 1st race
Val Cummings49.00 1st race

21 August, Leek Half Marathon -

Nicola Stanyer2.09.16

21 August, Winsford 10k -

Kev Shuff46.06
Rachel Hollins 55.12

21 July, Summer Series - Biddulph Grange - race report & photos

Kev Shuff 33.59
Big Nige Hopper36.58
Matt Telford47.32

16 July, Buxton 5 - race report

Big Nige Hopper38.10

14 July, Wizard 5m -Alderley Edge:

Steve Jones35.26
Kev Shuff35.59
Tracy Shuff46.36
Emily Shuff 49.32
Matt Telford49.54
John Roach65.02

6 July, Summer Series - Rudyard Lake - race report

Big Nige Hopper36.51

30 June, Summer Series - Oakamoor

Big Nige Hopper36.59

26 June, Stone St. Michaels 10k photos

Kev Shuff43.12
Pip Wise 50.27
Rachel Hollins54.33 1st 10k
Matt Telford1.01.54
Louisa Telford1.22.15 1st 10k

23 June, Shutlingsloe - race report

Big Nige Hopper34.49

21 June Calton Fell Race

Big Nige Hopper46.38

16 June, Summer Series - Buxton Hilly: race report

Big Nige Hopper36.32

12 June, Potters Arf.

Nicola Stanyer1.55.30
Jannette Walsh 1.59.01 PB
Julie Harris2.00.42
Matt Telford 2.16.48 1st hm

4 June, Staveley 17k Trail Race: photos

Steve Jones1.35.38
Dawn Addison2.01.34
Niamh Reilly2.11.12
Cindy Knight2.22.13

4 June, Wincle Trout Run : race report & photos

Big Nige Hopper57.50
John Roach1.37.19

22 May, Chatsworth 10k race report

Big Nige Hopper46.20
Christine Andrew 54.42 PB

22 May, Llandudno 10: photos

Steve Jones1.10.45
Kev Shufflebottom 1.11.35
Rachel Hollins1.20.34
Dawn Addison1.28.32
Pat Bolton2.00.14

22 May, Edinburgh Marathon

Hayley Martin5.42.38

15 May, Manchester Great Run 10k

Julie Harris52.24 PB
Matt Telford57.00
Louise Tunstall58.51

8 May, Market Drayton 10k - chip times, photos

Steve Jones 43.11
Kev Shufflebottom43.12
Kerry Knight48.25
Tracy Shufflebottom53.33
Dawn Addison54.07 PB
Amy Greeves 54.09 1st 10k
George Smith 55.35
Pat Bolton1.07.19
Gillian Borland1.08.31 1st 10k

7th May, Hawkshead trail race 15k

Rachel Hollins1.43.35

4 May, Clayton 10k

Big Nige Hopper46.18.

28 April, Mow Cop Killer Mile photos & race report

Big Nige Hopper10.46
Rachel Hollins11.10 3rd lady
Tracy Shuff 12.35

17 April, London Marathon: photos

Christine Andrew4.23.01 1st marathon
Julie Harris4.47.20 1st marathon
Cindy Knight6.00.23 1st marathon

14 April, Hanchurch Hilly - Spring Treble Series

Big Nige Hopper38.48

10 April, Newcastle 7:

Steve Jones49.17
Nige Hopper53.30 PB

9 April, Coniston 14+ (16.7 miles) :

Martin Cannam2.27.28

3 April, Mow Cop Hilly

Nige Hopper1.02.20 PB
The race [yesterday] was great, conditions were just right and it was a well organised event. I also got a new PB of 1 hour 2 minutes 2 seconds. A good day all round.
Big Nige

2nd April, -Lakeland trail series, Cartmel 18k

Hayley Martin02:36:33 1st trail race
I got totally lost on course with about 100 other runners and I think we ended up doing about 23k in the end!

27 March, Wilmslow Half Marathon, photos & race report

Kerry Knight1.44.55 PB
Dawn Addison2.03.17
Pat Bolton2.40.31 2nd in cat

27th March, -Liverpool Half Marathon

Hayley Martin02:17:07 PB

20th March, kilomathon 26.2km notts/derby

Hayley Martin02:59:57

13 March, Burnley 10k

Pat Bolton 1.07.27

13 March, Fradley 10k

Kerry Knight47.55 PB

13 March,Milton Keynes half marathon

Hayley Martin02:20:33

6 March, Cloud 9

Nige Hopper1.17.52

6 March, Cheadle Spring 5

Steve Jones34.12
Kev Shufflebottom35.00

6th March, Silverstone Half Marathon

Hayley Martin02:24:12

27 February, Knype Pool 5m Race - photos & race report

Kev Shufflebottom 37.30
Steve Jones38.15
Big Nige Hopper38.43
Rachel Hollins 45.38
Amy Greeves 47.06
Matt Telford50.17
Louisa Telford 71.10

27th February, Great North West half marathon, Blackpool

Hayley Martin02:19:40

20 February, Apedale Orienteering. race report

Steve Jones1.23.45
Emily Shuff1.34.21

13 February, Nick Beer 10k Llandudno

Pat Bolton1.10.59 1st in cat

6th February 2011 - Southport Mad Dog 10k

Hayley Martin01:01:56 PB

6 February, Alsager 5 mile. Some photos

Steve Jones 34.07
Kev Shufflebottom 34.15
Nige Hopper37.03
Kerry Knight39.41
Tracy Shufflebottom 42.4
Julie Harris 42.48
Amy Greeves43.37
Dawn Addison43.55
Louise Tunstall 48.55
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