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Substitute for Thunder run

The dreaded virus saw an end to most organised running events so the club decided to organise it's own substitute for the postponed Thunder run. Volunteers were requested and three teams of six were formed (six being the largest group size allowed even with social distancing). The teams were allowed to run together or individually for a twelve hour period with a number of optional and required tasks which awarded bonus "miles" then the team with the highest mileage won.

The teams

Bonus miles were awarded for the best amusing picture

Postbox selfies could add bonus miles

Tasks from the earlier Bingo challenge could also add bonus miles

Coronavirus Lockdown Bingo

The Coronavirus lockdown has caused the club major problems ending not only national running events but also preventing the clubs regular weekly runs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The club has introduced a Bingo card of activities to help club members find reasons to get out and run (adhering to the lockdown rules obviously) and it has proved immensely popular.

The Bingo card

Progress is constantly kept up to date by Simon Hodgkiss

Exceptional efforts are rewarded with a virtual trophy

But anyone playing free and easy with the rules gets a virtual warning

Some of the squares have caused a real flurry of activity for example number 1 - running with a sausage roll

Square number 3 - Phooning - has been incredibly popular once runners knew what it meant. Some put in the effort but possibly were more like a Bruce Forsyth pose or and Egyptian sand dance (if anyone remembers either of those)

Square number 6 - to run wearing a silly hat - something club members would normally jump at

For some reason number 7 - run up the killer mile - was not as popular

Square number 7 - take a selfie with a woolley friend - this was not always as easy as it sounds

Square number 10 - run to a waterfall - had runners searching the local area

Square number 11 - hill reps - almost as popular as the killer mile

Square number 12 - run around a lake - another popular sightseeing square

Square number 13 is uusual as it allows the runner to issue a challenge to another club member effectively - dropping them in it. Running in PJs is best done very early or late to avoid spectators, and drawing Strava animals in Biddulphs streets is surprisingly hard.

Square number 14 - run with an inflatable toy - was another popular one. Some efforts were bending the definition of toy a little

Square 15 - run to a trig point - after a few false starts with minor trig points proved to be another way of getting runners out and about

Square 19 - run to the head of the Trent - had some people scratching their heads, even some locals had to do a bit of searching

Square 20 - run 5k with a plot plant - another popular one but is it a pot plant or a plant pot

Square 21 - show how you spend a rest day - had a lot of fans

Square 22 - a rusty run - luckily explained, it means running in the rain. You have to get this one when the weather gives you a chance

Chester 10k - Mar 2020

Karen Wynn with her medal from the Chester 10k

Wrexham 20 miler - Mar 2020

Dave and Jo Bailey after running 20 miles at Wrexham

Cloud 9 Trail Run - Feb 2020

Peter Sherratt

Jeremy Brookes

Emma King

Northumberland Coastal Trail Run - Feb 2020

BRC Marathon runners before the race - too early to get breakfast

BRC Marathon runners wait for the bus while the wind whistles outside

Start of the Marathon next to Alnwick Castle

The start line of the Marathon in the early morning sun

The first few miles of the marathon was cross country with some interesting terrain including a flooded stream

At last the coast arrives with a nice stretch of beach running

Spot the BRC runner competition

After a lifetime the start of the half is here in sight of Dunstanburgh Castle

The finish line and Bamburgh Castle

Gill Horne and James Trace at the start of the 10k

Knype 5 - Feb 2020

Top 3 male

Top 3 female

Some of the BRC competitors

More pictures of the event are available at Judy Tingle Photography

Alsager 5 - Feb 2020

BRC members before the race

BRC members display their medals after the race

Club Presentations - 2020

BRC members receiving awards for their performance in 2019 club championships

Jo Bailey receiving 3rd female

Laurence Edwards receiving 3rd male

Becci Stringer receiving 2nd female

Dave Bailey receiving 2nd male

Sandra Edwards receiving first female

Darren Mottram receiving first male

Liz Sherrratt receiving the chairmans special award

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