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Individual results 2018


If I've missed any results please email me or pass them along on a club night. Same goes if I've got any down wrongly.

8 December Font Vella Half Marathon; Full Results Here

Chip Time
Steve Jones VetD 1:42:48

24 November Wilmslow 10K; Full Results Here

Chip Time
Robert Minton MSen 40:23 (PB)
David Bailey M50 44:06
Simon Hodgkiss
Petr Sherratt MSen 43:35
Helen Jenkins FSen 47:07
Martin Gibson MSen 45:36
Rowena Jukes F35 47:08
Rebecca Stringer F35 48:44
Graham Fisher M45 53:09
Gill Horne F60 54:00
Claire Shufflebotham F35 55:45
Rachel Platt F40 55:46
Elizabeth Sherratt F35 1:00:28
Ian Fothergill M55 1:05:29
Patricia Bolton F75 1:19:20 (1st in category)

24 November: Cheddleton 10K Christmas Pudding Race: Full results Here

Chip Time
Darren Mottram M40 41:39
Simon Hodgkiss M45 44:03
Carol Bird
44:08 (1st in category)
Katie Trace F40 47:20
Penny Graham F45 48:44
Caroline Weir F35 57:10

18 November: Conway  Half Marathon; Full Results: Here

Chip Time
Robert Minton
S Men
1:30:51 (PB)
David Maydew
Simon Hodgkiss
1:34:52 (PB)
Petr Sherratt
Rachel Hollins
David Bailey
Heidi Stanway
Rebecca Stringer
Kevin Shufflebottom
Graham Fisher
Helen Jenkins
2:10:55 gun time
Tracy Shufflebottom
Alison Husbands
Joanne Bailey F50 2:15:10
Gill Horne F60 2:15:10

10 November Cheshire 10k Arley Hall; Full Results Here

Chip Time
Gill Horne F60 55:21
James Trace M45 57:23

4 November: Flying Fox 10 Mile; Full Results Here

Chip Time
Darren Mottram
Simon Hodgkiss
Peter Sherratt
Carol Bird
1:14:06 1st in category

7 October: Congleton Half Marathon; Full Results: Here

Chip Time
Robert Minton SMen 1:32:06
Carol Bird F55 1:32:43 (First in Category)
Peter Sherratt SMen 1:39:11
Dave Bailey M50 1:41:52
Katie Trace F40 1:44:41
Emma King F45 1:54:10
Jamie Adams SMen 1:55:04
Emma Dale F40 1:56:11
Graham Fisher M45 1:56:36
Karen Murphy F50 1:59:19
Julie Harris F45 2:03:23
Joanne Bailey F50 2:07:52
Ian Fothergill M55 2:21:42

23 September: Macclesfield Half Marathon; Full Results: Here

Chip Time
Simon Hodgkiss M45 1:35:20
Darren Mottram M40 1:37:50
Robert Minton SMen 1:43:19
Peter Sherratt SMen 1:43:20
David Bailey M50 1:45:09
Colin Mountford M40 1:57:58
Graham Fisher M45 1:58:46
Joanne Bailey F50 2:07:13
Ian Fothergill M55 2:30:04

16 September Sanbach 10k; Full Results Here

Chip Time
Darren Mottram M40 41:30
Simon Hodgkiss
Dave Bailey M50 45:42
Joanne Bailey F50 54:40
Claire Shufflebotham F Sen 57:58
Bev Holding F60 1:26:05

Sunday September 9: Gritstone Grind:Full Individual Results: Here

19 August: Leek 10:Full Results: Here

Carol Bird F55 1:14:21 (1st in category, 6th lady)

16 August: Dave Clarke 5; Full Results: Here

Robert Minton S Men 21:04
Carol Bird F55 21:41 (1st in category, 6th lady)
Peter Sherratt SMen 22:21
Jon Horne M60 23:37
Helen Jenkins FSen 24:29
Heidi Stanway F40 25:42
Joanne Bailey F50 27:09

5 August: Trentham 10k; Full Results: Here

Carol Bird F55 46:38

1 August: Pie and Peas 5 mile; Full Results: Here

Chip Time
Steve Evans M45 36.47

21 & 22 July: Continental Tyres Thunder Run Results Here (Spreadsheet Download)

12 July: Wizard 5; Full Results: Here

Steve Evans M45 36:50
Anna Clack F35 38:04
Penny Graham F45 39:06
Jon Horne M60 39:20
Emma King F45 43:12
Karen Mackintosh F55 1st in category 44:09
Gill Horne F60 48:27

8 July: Northwich Festival: Full Results: here

5k Race

Chip Time
Graham Fisher M40 25:57
Gill Horne F60 1st in category 29:28
10k Race

David Bailey M50 51:10
Jon Horne M60 56:43
Graham Fisher M40 57:27
Karen Mackintosh F50 57:50
Joanne Bailey F50 1:03:10

8 July: Cheadle 4: Full Results: here

Carol Bird F55 1st in Category 28:51
Peter Sherratt SMen 29:06

24 June: Wilmslow Half Marathon: Full Results: here

Chip Time
Dave Maydew M50 1:34:15
Carol Bird F55 1st in Category 1:35:47
Darren Mottram M40 1:36:24
Robert Minton S Men 1:40:51
Andrew Eptlett M40 1:59:26
Rebecca Stringer FSen 2:00:00
Katie Brookes F35 2:00:15
Ruth Murphy FSen 2:03:12
Andy Hollies M50 2:03:53
Karen Murphy F50 2:03:53
Emma Dale F40 2:09:14
Rachel Platt F40 2:14:49
Claire Shufflebotham F35 2:22:14
Karen Wynn F45 2:38:34
Ian Fothergill M55 2:44:02

10 June: Potters Half Marathon: Full results: here

Chip Time
Dave Maydew M50 1:35:27
Carol Bird W55 1:35:49 (9th Lady 1st in category)
Darren Mottram M40 1:37:03
Robert Minton MSEN 1:39:31
Peter Sherratt MSEN 1:4333
Dave Bailey M50 1:54:24
Rebecca Stringer FSEN 2:02:01
Claire Shufflebotham F35 2:14:23
Joanne Bailey F50 2:14:42
Ian Fothergill M55 2:36:15

3 June: Westbridge 5: Full results: here

Chip Time
Carol Bird W55 34:13 (PB) (5th Lady, 1st in category)

2 June: Wincle Trout Run: Full results: here

Steve Evans M40 58.05

3 May:Leeds Half Marathon: Full results: here

Chip Time
Carol Bird W55 1:32:49 (11th Lady, 1st in category)

10 May:Mow Cop Killer Mile: Full results: here

Peter Sherratt SMen 10:40
Graham Fisher M40 12:04
Katie Brookes FSen 12:32
Karen Mackintosh F50 13:28

9 May:Clayton 10k: Full results: here

Chip Time
Carol Bird
F55 42:45 (4th Lady, 1st in category)
Steve Jones M50 42:50
Peter Sherratt SMen 45:45

5 May:Bollington Three Peaks:Full results: here

Kate Heathcock W50 1:01:38
Ian Fothergill M50 !:26:00

Lakeland Trails:Full results: Here

5 May at Staveley 10k

Chip Time
Gill Horne

17 March at Cartmel 10k

Gill Horne W60 1:15:45
Cartmel 18k

Jon Horne M60 2:01:15

22 April: Virgin London Marathon: Full results: here: Race Report Here

Chip Time
Carol Bird
F50-55 3:29:07 (5th in category)
Sophia Bird F18-39 3:52:19
Rachel Hollins F40-44 4:07:21
Rebecca Stringer F18-39 4:49:29
Heidi Stanway F40-44 4:56:27
Andy Eptlett M40-44 5:15:34
Karen Murphy F50-54 5:20:00

15 April:Stafford Half Marathon: Full results: here

Chip Time
Martin Gibson M 1:48:51
Ian Fothergill M55 2:23:46

14 April: Newcastle Way Marathon:  Full results: not found!

Mark Baron
4:08:06 (Fifth overall)
Katie Trace
Penny Graham
Karen Macintosh
Graham Fisher

8 April: Greater Manchester Marathon: Full results: here

Chip Time
Dave Maydew M50 3:33:59
Robert Minton Sen 3:36:12
Ian Fothergill M55 5:15:41

1 April: Air Products 10k: Full results: here 

Chip Time
Carol Bird F55 42:05 (1st in category)
Gil Horne Open Ladies 56:16

25 February, Wrexham Village Bakery Half Marathon: Full results here

Chip Time
Carol Bird F55-49 1:31:45
Sophia Bird F/u21 1:36:30

25 February, Knype Pool 5: Full results here

Chip Time
Darren Mottram M40-49 35:00
Dave Maydew M50-59 35:21
Peter Sherrat MSen 38:19
Chris Deakin MSen 40:51
Rowena Jukes FSen 41:01
Callum Kidd MSen 41:18
Dave Bailey M50-59 41:29
Chris Lane M60-69 41:36
Penny Graham F40-49 42:43
Katie Trace F40-49 42:43
Andrew Eptlett M40-49 43:42
Emma King F40-49 44:23
Kevin Stone M50-59 47:22
Joanne Bailey F40-49 49:46
John Lovatt M70_79 1:02:31
Laura Clowes FSen 1:07:25


4 February, Alsager 5: Full results here

Chip Time
Darren Mottram M40 33:03
Dave Maydew M50 33:10
Carol Bird F55  34:20 Winner of Category
Simon Hodgkiss M45 34:18
Kevin Shufflebottom M50 36:10
Steve Evans M45 36:39
Martin Gibson MSEN 37:29
Dave Bailey M50 37:36
Karen Mackintosh F55 41:37
Emma Dale F40 42:03
Jon Horne M60 42:05
Ruth Murphy FSEN 42:22
Karen Murphy F50 42:28
Rebecca Stringer FSEN 42:33
Gil Horne F60 43:39
Alison Husbands F50 44:09
Claire Shufflebotham F45 44:19
Rachel Platt F40 45:17
Joanne Bailey F45 45:35
Ian Fothergill M55 47:37
Karen Wynn F40 48:45
Emma Reay F35 68:12

21 January, Four Villages Half Marathon: Full results here

   chip time
Sophia Bird 1.35.20
Rachel Hollins 1.35.31 PB
Carol Bird 1.36.17 1st in Category
Graham Fisher 1.58.29


21 January, Kidsgrove 10k: Full results here

   chip time
Peter Sherratt 47.02 PB